The agile hangover - seminar

16 september, 2014 - 17:30 - 20:00

Agile ways of working has more or less become a de facto standard the last couple of years. Still quite many of the organisations we meet still struggle with a number of problems.

Instead of taking care of the real problems they switch development process. For example, they tried to run Scrum but it did not work so they turned to Kanban but that neither worked so now it is some kind of “Kanbanish”.

Often the organisations fail to handle the changing requirements and we also see that they miss to capture important non-functional requirements or start to test them at a very
late stage. Problems with requirements management will naturally lead to test related problems. In an agile world new ways of working and new test strategies are necessary because you cannot rely on the old test levels in the V-model.

One of our most important tools is communication. It is the glue that will keep your lifecycle together. If we do not understand the customers’ needs, how can we solve their problems? During this presentation we will focus on how you can ease the pain of requirements elicitation through different techniques. Further the test related problems will be addressed and provide insight what makes a Scrum team able to deliver high quality. It will be about discovering testable agile requirement. Involve the customer or fail!

When: September 16
Where: Foo Café
Questions: please contact michael [at] foocafe [dot] org
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