Sustainability Day

23 juni, 2015 - 09:15 - 17:30

Sustainability Day - Hong Kong meets Sweden

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Introduction to Hong Kong’s Liveable City Agenda 09.15-10.15

Nicholas Brooke, Immediate Past Chairman, Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation.

This will cover a wide spectrum of the various initiatives upon which the city has embarked to address issues relating to the quality of life, air pollution, energy, water and waste management, smart and green buildings, urban mobility, aging in place, wellness, reducing our carbon footprint, changing our fuel mix, etc and the aspiration that Hong Kong becomes a living laboratory/exemplar of liveability. Also will be highlighted the opportunities that this offers for business large and small and we could end with a Q&A session to expand on that last theme.

Networking Coffee Break 10.15-10.45

Sustainability as a Competitive Device 10.45-11.30

Anders Källström, PhD and Working chairman of Sustainability Circle

Companies in the Western world are looking for new competitive opportunities. Traditional solutions like price, quality, design, service and brand is not protecting Western business from low price quality competition any more. Developing countries are adopting innovative approaches and sustainable business models in a very high tempo and are offering high knowledge products to very modest price levels.

Sustainability has been a widely recognised goal for customers, businesses and politicians all over the world. Sustainable qualities are often the only reason to pay more for a product. This means that sustainability has become a new competitive advantage.

Panel with the morning’s Speakers and Q & A 11.30-12.00

Lunch 12.00-13.15

The Technology that Creates Sustainability, 13.15-14.00

Anders Källström, PhD and Working Chairman of Sustainability Circle

Everything good that happens in the world starts in someone’s fantasy. This statement is valid for the development of the steam machine in the 18thcentury and for the development of the smart phone in the 21th. and it is relevant for everything developed in between.

A sustainable technology means that we replace technology based on a “use-and-throw-away” thinking with a technology based on reuse-, remanufacturing-, recycling- and upcycling thinking. This chance of technology creates a change in the behaviour of the customers and that change is probably the key criteria for the creation of a sustainable world.

Research in Hong Kong on Sustainability, two leading examples 14.00-14.45

NAMI, Materials Expert in Sustainable Materials Research

Paul Ho, Director of Research & Development, Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Limited (NAMI).

NAMI is an applied research center in Hong Kong focusing on materials R&D
Our researches cover the areas of Sustainable Energy; Display, Lighting and Printed Electronics; Bio and Health Care; Construction Materials and; Environmental Technology
For the past year, we have started over 60 industrial projects working with 40 different companies mainly from Hong Kong and China
We advocate “Open Innovation” and “Best of Breed” R&D, we have started collaboration with research institute from Europe and we welcome new collaboration from Sweden
PolyU: Sustainable Urban Development powered by Innovation and Technology

Karen Jiang, Assistant Director, Innovation and Technology Development Office, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU)

PolyU is the largest tertiary institution in Hong Kong that excels in applied research and industrial partnership.
PolyU has set up the Research Institute for Sustainable Urban Development, to capitalize on Hong Kong as a living laboratory.
PolyU’s innovative idea to construct a Green Deck over the Cross Harbour Tunnel plaza, i e heavy traffic, poor air quality, overloaded footbridge etc.
PolyU is keen to further develop its close collaborations with Lund and Malmö universities and to explore new Swedish relationships.
Networking Coffee Break 14.45-15.00

Entrepreneurship in Hong Kong, resources and leading examples 15.00-16.00

Hong Kong Science Park, a unique platform for Sustainable Growth

Björn Segerblom, Overseas Representative, Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP)

Owned by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and established in 2001, the expanding and growing Hong Kong Science Park is today home to over 500 local, regional and international companies with over 11’000 employees. Close collaborations with research institutes and universities in Hong Kong, Mainland China and overseas, incl cooperation initiatives with Sweden. A new growth strategy has recently been established.

Two of the many entrepreneurial start-ups in the Science Park will be presented:

Liricco: Comfort and Efficiency in Perfect Harmony

Executive Director Jeff Lin will introduce its patented Valta system for Home Automation & Energy Management, and he is interested to meet potential Swedish partners e g Telcos, Utilities, Real Estate Developers, Large Retailers etc. Key Valta features:

Optimization without any compromises
Sustainable Behavior Change
Personalization through zonal control
Automated to react to Environmental Factors
Sustainable Testing: Vitargent’s fish embryos Improve Global Safety Testing Standards.

CEO Jimmy Tao, Vitargent (International) Biotechnology Limited. Jimmy is also interested to meet potential Swedish partners e g in Food Industry, Cosmetics and Skin Care Industry, Plastics Industry, Pharmaceuticals, Water Quality etc. Vitargent features:

Our technologies protect families from everyday exposures to unsafe chemicals.
Our technologies help global cosmetics brands to ensure the safety of their products.
Our technologies build food and water safety screening systems.
Our non-animal testing technologies contribute to making animal testing a thing of the past.
Our technologies are awarded The Grand Prix of the 43rdInternational Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva among over 1,000 projects.

Panel and Q & A. Wrap Up and The Way Forward 16.00-16.30

Hong Kong Reception 16.30-17.30

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