Foo Café: Three year anniversary w special guest Erik Meijer

27 augusti, 2015 - 17:30 - 20:00


Come and celebrate our three year anniversary with us. A great evening with great surprises, together with our special guest speaker Erik Meijer.

Erik Meijer (keynote speaker at larger conferences, author, programmer, founder of Rx and much more). He will give a talk about ...:

Category Theory, The essence of interface-based design
Category Theory is the Mathematicians' interpretation of interface-based design, so whenever you hack together a new API in your favourite OO language, it is always a smart idea to ask the question (x ->"What would x do?") applied to the Category Theorist that worked on your same problem already decades ago. Since lambda expressions are the new hot topic all across programming language land these days, we will invoke our question of conscience with "Joachim Lambek" and learn that Java 8 lambdas and method references are simply a Cartesian Closed Category, proving yet again that interfaces are the OO developers' interpretation of Category Theory.
(despite all the expensive words, enjoying this talk requires no PhD in Mathematics and can be enjoyed by programmers at all skill levels)

Come and enjoy the famous Foo Café mingle that as usual includes beer, light refreshments, and great company.

Anniversary agenda
17.30 - Meet and Greet (beer and snacks)
18.00 - Welcome speech by Michael Tiberg
18.20 - Category Theory, The essence of interface-based design
19.00 - Ending mingle (more beer and snacks)


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