Workshop om användarupplevelser & interaktionsdesign: Re­designing Star Wars

7 mars, 2016 - 09:00 - 16:00

Våra medelmmar Unsworn Industries arrangerar en workshop - Redesigning Star Wars - den sjunde mars där deltagare designar om några av de fiktiva användargränssnitt som dyker upp i Star Wars-filmerna. Mer info nedan:

Star Wars was originally released in 1977, long before audiences had the daily deep engagement with computers that we have today, and long before interaction design was its own profession. What was mind-blowing technology back then can seem quaint today.

How would you, as a professional designer, do it over again?

May the force be with you!

In this day-long workshop you’ll sharpen your pair design skills on reviewing and redesigning some of the interfaces found in this well-known and beloved film, with other designers from Sweden and Denmark.

Attendees will practice:

Working in pairs
Heuristic analysis of speculative interfaces
Quickly designing for unspecified tech in the “long horizon”
Approaching problematic designs with an apologetics perspective
Abstracting the lessons in such “toy problems” to get better at the problems we face in our real world design
Having fun with other designers

If you’re interested in attending, read more and purchase tickets here. Act fast as there’s only 30 seats available.