SXSW: Workshop w Mirror Music: Music Collaboration

12 mars, 2016 - 10:00 - 13:00

This workshop is created in collaboration with Media Evolution and is part of the Southern Sweden Creatives initiative at SXSW together with Mirror Music.

Music Collaboration: How do we tell stories with music?

Presented by Mirror Music

About the workshop
We consume more music today than ever before, but how aware are we actually of how music affects us? Mirror Music demonstrates new ways to create, perform and use music. Together participants will contribute to the creation of “The Sound of Southern Sweden Creatives at SXSW” by collaboratively “hacking” the ways we create music.

Experience and be a part of a musical performance and join in a discussion about how music affects us humans based on research and empirical knowledge. Then collaboratively create music and witness the premier of “The Sound of Southern Sweden Creatives at SXSW.”

With a background in music composition, entrepreneurship and education, makes it possible for you to take control of howyour business sounds and how you affect your environment. Music and sound are the fastest way to people's emotions – so you should use it to strengthen your brand, but use it wisely! Mirror Music – “We remix business with pleasure.”

When: 12 of March at 10am - 1pm
Venue: Nordic Light House (the Waller Creek boat house) Austin, Texas, USA
Who: Everyone is welcome
RSVP: See facebook event for further details.