Breakfast seminar - Best from The Conference 2016

26 augusti, 2016 - 08:00 - 09:30

Did you missed The Conference? Don’t you worry.
On Friday 26th we are arranging a breakfast seminar for our community, to present the best parts of The Conference, brought to you by Create Converge. Yes! Yes! Yes!

Start the morning with a coffee, crossiant and yoghurt and get the chance to get a summary of the very best from the two days.

This morning is only for our members that didn't have the opportunity to attend The Conference.

yes, we will be there and talk:
Martin Thörkvist, Conference Director
Malin Wikerberg, CD & Copywriter at Garbergs
Maria Dietrichson, Sveriges Radio, Medieormen
Andreas Grönvall Mikkelsen, Copywriter & Technical lead at DigitasLBi

When: August 26th
Time: 8am - 9.30am
Where: Media Evolution City, Room: Multirummet
What: The best from The Conference
Organizer: Media Evolution and Create Converge

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