Austin's vibrant economy: How was it created and what efforts are underway to sustain and enhance it?

19 augusti, 2016 - 15:00 - 15:45

This talk will focus on efforts that have helped to create Austin’s vibrant economy. Austin’s economy used to be public-sector driven. What has changed that? Moreover, a number of past and current examples will be provided, and include information about what the city government of Austin has done, with a focus on what the Economic Development Department of the city government of Austin has done and is doing. Additionally, there will be discussion about how the city government of Austin works routinely with the State of Texas government, as well as with local educational institutions and local non-profits and the local private sector as part of the effort to support and sustain Austin’s economy. There will also be a focused discussion about the value of Austin’s creative sector to Austin’s economy and what is being done to support and enhance Austin’s creative sector.

Region Skåne och Media Evolution

Jim Butler, Manager of Creative Industries Development in the Economic Development Department of the city government of Austin, Texas
Carin Daal, Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Region Skåne
Gitte Wille, Director of Cultural Affairs, Region Skåne
Moderator: Emma Estborn, Head of Business and Development, Media Evolution


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