Världens Bästa Morgon; “Don’t Build on Rented Land!”

23 september, 2016 - 08:00 - 09:30

Today, social media is everywhere. Reaching your audience has never been so easy - but what happens to the content you publish only on social channels? Does it actually boost your company’s bottom line? What happens if Facebook disappears tomorrow? We’ll talk about all this and more - be ready!

This V.B.M (Världens Bästa Morgon) APSIS is organzing the morning. It will be breakfast, ofc, and great talk as always.

Where: Media Evoution City
When: 8am-9.30am. Breakfast served from 8-8.30am
What: World's Best Morning with Apsis, about Social Media vs Email Marketing
Register: Here!

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