August: The Voice; Content and distribution

This month we’ll explore the spearhead of the organizational structure: communication.

Because if one were to be absolutely clear; it doesn’t matter how brilliant or beneficial a product or service is if the name of it doesn’t manage to efficiently make its way out there, and the ways to follow through with that has exploded along with the rise of social media platforms. But this development poses new challenges for how to approach matters regarding communication. So besides looking into different attributes of the abundance of various channels and technologies, now is the time to take it all one step further and contemplate how we ought to utilize what now lies before us in the best of ways.

However, it’s not just about the content itself. If good content, whether it may be video, picture or text, is going to serve its purpose, it’s imperative that it’s working within the context of a good communication strategy. But let’s not forget, we’re still made up of flesh and blood, that hasn’t change. How we communicate and interact with people and our surroundings is such a fundamental aspect of humankind that it surpasses the importance of just challenges regarding new technology, it’s also a matter of human psychology and how we perceive and interpret what is being conveyed to us.

The fact that we dedicate the whole of August to this area, as requested by our community, clearly illustrates the complexity and demand thereof for matters regarding communication and how to pierce through the clutter.