Massive Entertainment

Massive is an award winning studio working on high profile games and online technology used by the entire Ubisoft group. With our tech and engineering prowess in high demand, our studio continues to grow.

Our office – a six story building originally used by the national telecom operator to house switchboards – is located in the center of Sweden’s third largest city, Malmö.

Working at Massive is a multinational team of more than 230 passionate craftsmen from about 25 different countries with a shared desire to create games we can be proud of, while having fun doing it! And have no doubt – the passion and creativity at Massive goes far beyond video games with co-workers that produce music, board games, books & even designer clothing for dogs in their spare time!

We believe in a meritocratic culture where the best idea wins, no matter who came up with it. And since we are gamers ourselves, we refuse to compromise when it comes to the players’ best interests!