Transmedia, the future of Media industry

The EuroTransmedia project gathers some of the most influent triple helix media clusters in Europe. Together they represent a critical mass of complementary skills all along the value chain generating a turnover of about €19Bn a year and their R&D budget is about 8% of this turnover, whether €1,5Bn of public and private money.

Eurotransmedia is a European project aimed at supporting the transmedia sector. Officially started the 1st of September 2013, the project will run for three years, until September 2016. We consider transmedia as the future of Media industry. The overall objective of Eurotransmedia is to foster collaboration between all the transmedia value chain actors (industrials, SMEs, academics, policy makers) in order to stimulate the economic development of the sector and find common solution at the European scale.

The EuroTransmedia project intends to:
1/ Integrate key EU problematic areas by joining the research efforts to get rid of the remaining technological barriers that still hamper user creativity, user content editing interoperability, portability and new editorial policy (which can be seen as the future of media industry). It will tackle technological, scientific, organisational and economic challenges for research and innovation for Media industry in the EU.
2/Adapt a new value chain to the new economy where the user is both a consumer and a producer, and where practices are nomadic and ubiquitous.

The Eurotransmedia project ended last August 201 7 - read more about the project results at