Celemi EnterpriseTM Business Simulation

15 mars, 2016 - 08:54

Learn how to stay ahead in a changing world
- try Celemi EnterpriseTM Business Simulation!
Success is a moving target - How do you get all your people behind your strategy in a marketplace that is rapidly changing? In the Celemi Enterprise™ business simulation, six companies compete for the same customers in a dynamic marketplace. Participants take on the roles of the management team – comprised of Marketing and Sales, Development and Services, Planning and Delivery, Finance and Control. The main challenge is to build, and successfully execute a strategy that leads to winning results.

Did you know that 99.1 % of Celemi clients recommend a Celemi business simulation?
(Source: Celemi Participant Surveys)
Celemi Enterprise™ challenges participants to deal with uncertainties and balance short-term results with long-term value.

The teams need to:
• Decide on a desired market position
• Target and sell to preferred customers
• Meet customer demands by developing an attractive and profitable product portfolio
• Deliver with excellence by getting the most out of people and processes
• Create strong, sustainable brand value
• Keep track of financial results – both short and long term
For anyone interested in making a difference!
Celemi Enterprise™ benefits all levels of employees - Senior and middle managers at large enterprises with a product and service offering can use the simulation to put strategy into action – fast. Co-workers gain a common understanding of the big picture as well as of how they as individuals can contribute to the company’s competitiveness. Managers responsible for training can use the simulation for hands-on, interactive education, and for communication of company strategy. In other words – everyone benefits from a Celemi Enterprise™ seminar!

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