Salong #8 with Zenit Design!

12 maj, 2017 - 16:00 - 21:00

It´s Friday. You’ve logged out. You’ve grabbed your coat. See you at Salong!

The best Friday feeling at Media Evolution City happens once a month. On Friday May 12th, it’s time for our last Salong of the spring (!!) Be here. It will be sparkling. And sunny (hopefully).

**AFTERNOON SALONG with Zenit Design 4pm- 5pm** [in english]
During this session Zenit Design will share their knowledge under the monthly theme "Future living; Cities and Infrastructure”. Product and service design agency Zenit Design will share their views on design trends related to future living and cities. Is it really desirable to have a more automated society? In all this, how do we create a desirable experience for the people? Is the digital experience always better than the analog one?

**EVENING SALONG from 5pm**
The evening is full of surprises, arts, music, drinks and food (barbecue) AND the outdoor seating is open! (hopefully better weather this time, fingers crossed) Log out, grab your coat. See you at Salong! It will be sparkling. Always.