Doc Lounge

Doc Lounge was created to attract a new and broader audience to watch documentaries. With our unique concept focused on event based screenings, we have proved that there is a huge demand and interest in the documentary genre. As an organization we've grown very fast. Doc Lounge started in Malmö as a private club in 2006 and we now have Doc Lounge venues in 13 cities in three Nordic countries.

We are really good at:
Constantly reassessing our business idea and finding new ways to reach a new audience. Our specialty is to find the best, newest and most interesting documentary films and combine them with stunning arrangement with a mix of film, music, performances, interesting conversations over Skype or in person.

Other member companies can help us with:
We need help with getting in touch with sponsors who might be interested in reaching our audience (mainly young cultural interested people).

We are really good at: