Your membership involves close collaboration and multiple benefits:

Business Development.
Media Evolution initiates cross-industry collaboration with member companies in the forefront of their fields. We also run projects with the industries and sectors that are not media, but who want to develop by using our methodology and the expertise of our members. Membership is what you make out of it, stay in touch with us so that we can involve your company next time.

Knowledge sharing and marketing.
As a member, you have the opportunity to join us in organizing and market through custom events such as seminars, lunch networking and breakfast meetings. Our roundtable discussions are for example a concrete platform for knowledge exchange and with and for our members.

Media Evolution offers need-based programs for your business, for example through our Competence Boost project.

Invitations to events.
In addition to our own events - skills development seminars, networking events, inspiring workshops, the world's best after work etc. - we also have the opportunity to invite our members to events organized by members of the industry, academia and the public sector. See here when the next event is.

We publish prospective studies on the increased digitization effects on private, public service and product companies. As a member, you can be chosen as co-writer and of course you will get the printed publications first. Our published works can be read here.

As a member, you can for a reduced price attend our conferences and connected . As for example our annual firework display for the media industries: "The Conference" - where 900 people and 40 international speakers participating on social issues, human behavior and digital media development.Media Evolution The Conference.

Counseling and resources.
Contact any of us who work at Media Evolution for advice in business intelligence, business development and internationalization. For matchmaking, we have created a Facebook group Media Evolution Campus - an easy way to find other members and resources in the digital world.

Meeting Point Media Evolution City.
Our physical venue Media Evolution City of Malmö is currently about 500 people from various companies. Members have 25% discount all year round on our meeting rooms, as an attendant in the house you get 40% discount. Welcome to book any one of our various meeting rooms at