Media sectors develop constantly. Old truths are discarded, new ones arrive, and the pace is fast. A business model that was safe and secure yesterday is not dependable today, and most probably not in the future either.

The music sector is a noticeable example. Ten years ago, we bought CDs, one year ago we downloaded music, and today we stream it – the CD has almost been forgotten. The same applies to daily newspapers. Previously, all households had a local newspaper at the breakfast table, but today a computer is the primary source of news for many people.

Such changes have thoroughly shaken up all media sectors , and it’s moving fast, creating in turn new situations and enormous potential for growth.

Media Evolution is growing
Skåne and Blekinge have been two of Sweden's most innovative and active regions for development within media sectors for a long time. But to move even further forward, the need to coordinate all efforts was identified a couple of years ago.

Academia, commerce and industry and the public sector assembled their strengths and finances, established a joint vision, and created an organisation to ensure that their goals be achieved – Media Evolution had been formed. Moreover, media was established as being one of the region's prioritised growth areas, and an economic framework for Media Evolution's operations in the initial years was created together with the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth.

Media Evolution was established and constituted as a non-profit-making organisation in December 2008. Since then, we have been a neutral platform in the centre of rapid changes, and provided the substance and fuel to clear the way for new business models, new products and new services.

Up until January 2010, Media Evolution worked under the name of Moving Media Southern Sweden. Since January 2009, the association has owned a public limited company that manages the operational activities.

Focus on participation
Our ability to operate is based on there being considerable will and desire by everyone in southern Sweden. Municipalities and regions have media as a prioritised focus area. At the same time, commerce and industry and academia are showing an interest to collaborate, and realise that it is not actual concepts that are their major asset but when concepts become reality. It is here that we share our ideas so as to jointly develop something that would otherwise remain hidden in a desk drawer.

An extension of MMM
Media Evolution is also an extension of Media Meeting Place Malmö – a project managed from 2004 to 2009 with financing coming primarily from the KK Foundation, the City of Malmö and Region Skåne. Media Meeting Place Malmö was one of the KK Foundation's eight meeting places for the experience industry in Sweden.

Wee have been working with many different projects during the past years.
- Arabic Game Jam
- Storytelling when film meets computer
- BUFF Financing Forum
- Cross Media Talang
- Do Dream
- For the moment, Shanghai Expo 2010
- Framtidens Lärande/Future Learning
- Creative Malmö
- Creative industries in Skåne
- Living Lab Fabriken
- Living Lab Kvarteret
- Living Lab Scenen
- Minc On
- Noric Game Conference
- Members Mapping
- Nya Näringar/New creative industires
- Soft Landing Sweden
- Wrap-it!
- X Media Lab Sweden
- Media Mötesplats Malmö