Akademiska Föreningen

The Academic Society, AF, is a big non-profit student organization that was founded in year 1830 in Lund, to keep track of students' interests and associations. Even today, AF is a thriving hub in Studentlund that gather 13 committees, dealing with everything from TV and radio to poetry and theater. The majority of the AF's committee activities taking place in the AF building in the heart of Lund, in the middle of Lundagård. In addition to the committees there are twenty so-called recognized student associations. These are free organizations, which act like committees and represent an enormous breadth of activities, ranging from working with diversity programs and polics to orchestras and extreme sports. AF also has a project fund that provides financial support to new initiatives that broaden student life in Lund.

We are really good at:
- Social media
- Connecting University, business and the municipality with students in interesting collaborations
- Provide a platform from which students can use their creativity to start new projects

Instagram: http://instagram.com/akademiskaforeningen